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RankNameMatchesWinsWin RateElo
Family Portraits56411320.041831
The Lost Episodes68115222.321837
The Adventure Begins53924144.711975
The Wildest Summer Ever52130358.162052
Daring Deeds, Sinister Schemes52536769.92137
Mission Accomplished62327544.141950
On Thin Ice57327748.341990
Beyond Expectations550220401947
Just in Time575230401934
Other Times, Other Places55635363.492084
It's Another Fine Day...51127253.232029
At Home and Abroad52326650.862011
It All Started When...54724344.421969
Meanwhile, in Another Part of Town...46023851.742006
A Place of Wonder56623641.71954
Flights of Imagination51630158.332047
On Earth as it is in Heaven52223244.441957
A Time of Discovery53126249.342006
Passport to Adventure49028558.162043
A Journey of Choices51124547.951992
Wish You Were Here53032761.72073
The Changing Times49028558.162048
Twists and Turns51732462.672081
Risks and Rewards51434266.542096
Darkness Before Dawn51242382.622207
Back on the Air42119847.031985
The Search for Whit58938565.372102
Welcome Home48630061.732066
Signed, Sealed and Committed52129957.392044
Through Thick and Thin49826553.212004
Days to Remember49625952.222017
Hidden Treasures50629558.32050
Virtual Realities64721132.611898
In Your Wildest Dreams66717426.091858
The Big Picture50124548.91986
Danger Signals52031560.582065
Battle Lines51740878.922179
Friends, Family and Countrymen47523148.632003
Out of Control49927855.712017
In Hot Pursuit51925448.941976
No Way Out50531963.172069
Along for the Ride52323144.171953
Eugene Returns!48526153.812013
Lost and Found52326650.862007
A Date with Dad (and other calamities)49127054.992024
Into the Light49930561.122058
A Moment of Truth46231067.12095
The Sky's the Limit50133065.872089
The Best Small Town44226359.52055
Take It From the Top42314834.991906
Cause and Effect43312328.411887
The Green Ring Conspiracy41625661.542069
Clanging Cymbals...and the Meaning of God's Love44117038.551940
The Deep End42028668.12101
The Grand Design43018142.091957
A Call to Something More41523957.592049
The Ties That Bind50921241.651967
Taking the Plunge23413055.562054
Head Over Heels2298838.431940
Without A Hitch2329842.241960
Let's Put on a Show!2329340.091959
Up in the Air25511243.921960
Under the Surface2139444.131963
Adventures in Odyssey 25th Birthday Bash382257.892122
Odyssey Adventure Club: Season 147417637.131924
Odyssey Adventure Club: Season 240914334.961921
Odyssey Adventure Club: Season 345116336.141931
Adventures in Odyssey Club: Season 451016933.141912
Adventures in Odyssey Club: Season 527915655.912010
Official Podcast404101762
Passages: Darien's Rise30114648.51993
The Officer Harley Collection51012925.291861
The Truth Chronicles40415337.871944
Welcome to Whit's End (sampler album)4149.761766
Adventures in Odyssey: Live!311961.292069
30th Birthday Live Show332369.72057
Expect the Unexpected1938041.451941

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