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884 episodes in 16023 matches.
RankNameMatchesWinsWin RateEloPoints
Spare Tire3226.2517681.5
House Guest270017761.5
Gone Fishing37821.6218503.5
Whit's Visitor42716.6718223
Dental Dilemma (FP)4012.517461
The New Kid in Town4037.517661.5
No Stupid Questions (FP)41614.6318182.5
You're Not Gonna Believe This...54611.1117531.5
My Brother's Keeper (FP)43716.2818102.5
While Dad's Away3093019064
The Letter3638.3317842
A Different Kind of Peer Pressure38821.0518563.5
In Memory of Herman411229.2718814
A Member of the Family, Part 1 (FP)351234.2919304.5
A Member of the Family, Part 2 (FP)451328.8918804
A Simple Addition (FP)4137.3217521.5
Whit's Flop421535.7119204.5
The Life of the Party35617.1418243
Lights Out at Whit's End361336.1119505
Connie Comes to Town44225020325.5
Gifts for Madge and Guy412663.4121196.5
The Day After Christmas421433.3319274.5
Promises, Promises40205020235.5
Dental Dilemma34617.6518413
Doing Unto Others41717.0718373
Nothing to Fear44920.4518543.5
Addictions Can Be Habit-Forming3912.5617481
The Tangled Web42215020315.5
Bobby's Valentine43511.6317872
Missed It By That Much37410.8117962.5
My Brother's Keeper3062018633.5
No Stupid Questions28310.7118192.5
A Member of the Family, Part 1361027.7818944
A Member of the Family, Part 2432865.1220596
Mike Makes Right41819.5118463.5
The Case of the Missing Train Car401127.518894
A Simple Addition4112.4417281
The Quality of Mercy40512.517812
Harley Takes the Case, Part 1391333.3319094.5
Harley Takes the Case, Part 2371437.8419414.5
A Change of Hart361336.1119134.5
The Price of Freedom372156.7620576
Rumor Has It431023.2619024
Honor Thy Parents36822.2218653.5
Family Vacation, Part 1422354.7620395.5
Family Vacation, Part 2312167.7420916.5
The Day Independence Came472246.8120445.5
Stormy Weather413278.0521567.5
V.B.S. Blues45276020536
Kids' Radio33721.2118603.5
Camp What-A-Nut, Part 1412253.6620456
Camp What-A-Nut, Part 2341852.9420466
The Case of the Secret Room, Part 1423173.8121026.5
The Case of the Secret Room, Part 2463984.7821808
Return to the Bible Room421228.5718724
The Last Great Adventure of the Summer393179.4921687.5
Back to School4149.7617672
It Sure Seems Like It to Me3812.6317341
What Are We Gonna Do About Halloween?421023.8118824
The Shepherd and the Giant40717.518153
A Single Vote371848.6520015.5
Thank You, God432660.4720586
Connie, Part 1412663.4120966.5
Connie, Part 2413585.3722058.5
The Sacred Trust42819.0518183
Peace on Earth423480.9521687.5
Auld Lang Syne3725.4117531.5
By Faith, Noah411331.7118553.5
The Prodigal, Jimmy332163.6420666
A Matter of Obedience422559.5220566
A Worker Approved402357.520105.5
And When You Pray...411946.3419735
The Boy Who Didn't Go to Church331545.4519935.5
Let This Mind Be in You362466.6720736
A Good and Faithful Servant391948.7219985.5
The Greatest of These421638.119184.5
Bad Company351028.5719014
The Imagination Station, Part 1392564.120906.5
The Imagination Station, Part 2473982.9822088.5
Go Ye Therefore462145.6519865
The Return of Harley, Part 1421023.8118503.5
The Return of Harley, Part 2451533.3319084.5
An Encounter with Mrs. Hooper411126.8318774
A Bite of Applesauce323093.7522128.5
Connie Goes To Camp, Part 1392461.5420466
Connie Goes To Camp, Part 2332163.6420806
Eugene's Dilemma432865.1220946.5
The Nemesis, Part 1403382.522028
The Nemesis, Part 2433683.7221898
Our Best Vacation Ever422354.7620205.5
A Prisoner for Christ41512.217491.5
Good Business442045.4519835
The Battle, Part 1403792.522509
The Battle, Part 2262076.9221327
You Go to School Where?3525.7117732
Isaac the Insecure3572018433
Elijah, Part 1371951.3519795
Elijah, Part 2392974.3621126.5
That's Not Fair451942.2219224.5
But, You Promised3937.6917441.5
A Mission for Jimmy392256.4120365.5
The Ill-Gotten Deed382873.6820776.5
Rescue from Manatugo Point362569.4420956.5
Operation Digout311651.6119865
The Very Best of Friends372362.1620295.5
The Reluctant Rival34175019825
Monty's Christmas271555.5620275.5
The Visitors40205020145.5
The Barclay Family Ski Vacation292172.4121277
Ice Fishing40287020876.5
Scattered Seeds381128.9518884
The Treasure of LeMonde!422661.920586
Front Page News37718.9218363
Lincoln, Part 1471736.1719214.5
Lincoln, Part 2412048.7820375.5
By Any Other Name331854.5520065.5
Bad Luck4336.9817621.5
Isaac the Courageous291862.0720556
Two Sides to Every Story433376.7421457
A... is for Attitude43716.2818112.5
First Love433479.0721707.5
Curious, Isn't It?3062018623.5
Suspicious Minds291862.0720666
The Big Broadcast351131.4318974
An Act of Mercy382257.8920265.5
Isaac the Benevolent38718.4218523.5
The Trouble with Girls371540.5419565
What Happened to the Silver Streak?351542.8619224.5
Better Late than Never43511.6317922.5
Pranks for the Memories37616.2218152.5
Missing Person362055.5620295.5
Castles and Cauldrons, Part 1371335.1419525
Castles and Cauldrons, Part 2321031.2519154.5
The Winning Edge42215019935.5
All's Well With Boswell24937.519515
Wishful Thinking431227.9118914
Have You No Selpurcs?34926.4718714
One Bad Apple432762.7920606
Not One of Us40123019174.5
Bernard and Joseph, Part 1371540.5419254.5
Bernard and Joseph, Part 2361541.6719605
Thanksgiving at Home382155.2620466
Cousin Albert361027.7818854
Pamela Has a Problem421126.1918944
Back to Bethlehem, Part 1312374.1921237
Back to Bethlehem, Part 2393076.9221627.5
Back to Bethlehem, Part 3463473.9121607.5
The Adventure of the Adventure240018142
Melanie's Diary382976.3221297
The Vow391641.0319695
Over the Airwaves543564.8120696
Train Ride382565.7920646
Someone to Watch Over Me383592.1122419
The Second Coming421638.119725
Emotional Baggage411536.5919154.5
Where There's a Will...332266.6721066.5
Isaac the Procrastinator311238.7119414.5
By Dawn's Early Light392051.2820415.5
Home Is Where the Hurt Is413380.4921677.5
...The Last Shall Be First412151.2220115.5
The Meaning of Sacrifice391743.5919765
Mayor for a Day382257.8920446
Coming of Age491734.6919785
Waylaid in the Windy City, Part 1423685.7121958
Waylaid in the Windy City, Part 2332987.8821888
Last in a Long Line392564.120806
A Day in the Life351954.2920435.5
The Homecoming433888.3722449
A Rathbone of Contention402357.520676
Isaac the True Friend33721.2118323
A Model Child40717.518283
Bernard and Esther, Part 1322371.8820966.5
Bernard and Esther, Part 2391846.1519805
Dobson Comes to Town3525.7117571.5
The Curse471940.4319635
Hold Up!393076.9221617.5
A Test for Robyn421433.3318744
The Cross of Cortes, Part 1391025.6418824
The Cross of Cortes, Part 2462452.1720315.5
A Thanksgiving Carol25145620496
Where's Your Daddy?281864.2920716
East Winds, Raining342985.2922018
The Star, Part 1422559.5220526
The Star, Part 2472655.3220886
Room Mates463371.7421016.5
You Gotta Be Wise341544.1219855
Isaac the Pure461839.1319374.5
It Takes Integrity391948.7219805
The Scales of Justice412970.7321257
Tales of Moderation431432.5618844
Isaac the Chivalrous421740.4819705
A Question of Loyalty40205019645
The Conscientious Cross-Guard402972.521337
An Act of Nobility40164019845
The Courage to Stand301033.3319294.5
No, Honestly!302273.3321016.5
Moses: The Passover, Part 1391846.1520035.5
Moses: The Passover, Part 228217521147
Modesty is the Best Policy411126.8318924
A Tongue of Fire342058.8220135.5
A License to Drive423992.8622549.5
Father's Day2541618663.5
Harlow Doyle, Private Eye3031018252.5
The Midnight Ride33721.2118723.5
Treasure Hunt30217020976.5
The 'No' Factor401127.518814
Feud for Thought412253.6620385.5
Fair-Weather Fans42819.0518062.5
Timmy's Cabin292068.9720706
Double Trouble351954.2920105.5
Flash Flood423276.1921657.5
Pen Pal31825.8118744
The Case of the Candid Camera421330.9519104.5
Pipe Dreams351234.2919424.5
Columbus: The Grand Voyage421023.8118743.5
On Solid Ground39717.9518333
The Mortal Coil, Part 1464086.9621968
The Mortal Coil, Part 2423378.5721127
Best Intentions453168.8921046.5
The Living Nativity432353.4920135.5
Caroling, Caroling43511.6317832
Like Father, Like Son331648.4819825
Rights, Wrongs and Reasons421842.8619685
A Class Act321959.3820235.5
Treasures of the Heart401742.519665
This Is Chad Pearson?341544.1219715
It Is Well40328021808
The Jesus Cloth441943.1820085.5
Real Time383592.1122088.5
Greater Love423685.7122338.5
Count It All Joy44920.4518323
An Adventure in Bethany, Part 1382360.5320325.5
An Adventure in Bethany, Part 2331854.5520415.5
A Game of Compassion372054.0520546
The Marriage Feast371437.8419765
Our Father50132618273
Hallowed Be Thy Name26519.2318974
Thy Kingdom Come321959.3820065.5
Thy Will Be Done411229.2718864
Our Daily Bread322062.520636
Forgive Us as We Forgive362466.6721016.5
Into Temptation433274.4221397
Deliver Us From Evil451328.8918694
For Thine Is the Kingdom411434.1519204.5
The Power37718.9218373
And the Glory463065.2220646
Forever... Amen452248.8919435
Hymn Writers391538.4619505
Family Values422559.5220676
The Mysterious Stranger, Part 1372567.5720826.5
The Mysterious Stranger, Part 2432353.4920075.5
My Fair Bernard432865.1220656
Why Don't You Grow Up?39820.5118563.5
Terror from the Skies331957.5820005.5
The Case of the Delinquent Disciples441329.5518654
Pilgrim's Progress Revisited, Part 1382463.1620486
Pilgrim's Progress Revisited, Part 2291655.1720225.5
The Bad Hair Day35925.7118894
A Time for Christmas271866.6720656
Truth, Trivia and 'Trina412970.7321507
The Boy Who Cried 'Destructo!'352057.1419995.5
Aloha, Oy!, Part 1513874.5121487
Aloha, Oy!, Part 2342676.4721227
Aloha, Oy!, Part 3342573.5321317
The Potential in Elliot41819.5118042.5
Naturally, I Assumed...352365.7120796
Afraid, Not!361336.1119344.5
A Prayer for George Barclay392358.9720476
When Bad Isn't So Good40205019975.5
Making the Grade38923.6818663.5
War of the Words421740.4819795
It Began With a Rabbit's Foot422764.2920986.5
It Ended With a Handshake362672.2221086.5
Pet Peeves441431.8218994
The War Hero383489.4722118.5
The Secret Keys of Discipline39820.5118343
Two Brothers... and Bernard, Part 1372875.6821537.5
Two Brothers... and Bernard, Part 2392051.2820065.5
First-Hand Experience332369.721096.5
Second Thoughts301343.3319575
Third Degree442556.8220065.5
It Happened at Four Corners393384.6221788
The Fifth House on the Left, Part 1413380.4922008
The Fifth House on the Left, Part 2413790.2422419
...But Not Forgotten343088.2421958
The Fundamentals421638.119665
A Book by Its Cover441431.8219244.5
The Election Deception481735.4219284.5
George Under Pressure322062.520386
Tom for Mayor, Part 1383489.4721918
Tom for Mayor, Part 2311858.0620496
The Twilife Zone433683.7221778
A Call for Reverend Jimmy493469.3921217
A Name, Not a Number, Part 1352777.1421367
A Name, Not a Number, Part 2402972.521257
Siege at Jericho34926.4718814
A Code of Honor351028.5719104.5
Unto Us a Child Is Born392974.3621567.5
Soaplessly Devoted371437.8419565
Red Wagons and Pink Flamingos331854.5520415.5
Blackbeard's Treasure331751.5220045.5
I Want My B-TV!393282.0522008
The Truth About Zachary432148.8419625
Preacher's Kid361233.3319284.5
The Good, the Bad and Butch382873.6821357
Share and Share Alike402767.520606
All the Difference in the World36411.1118032.5
St. Paul: The Man from Tarsus412765.8520896.5
St. Paul: Set Apart by God372054.0520065.5
A Victim of Circumstance44337521497
Poetry in Slow Motion341235.2919424.5
Subject Yourself411946.3419895
The Perfect Witness, Part 1393179.4921978
The Perfect Witness, Part 2383284.2121868
The Perfect Witness, Part 3322784.3821828
Rewards in Full451533.3319324.5
Top This!272281.4821117
The Underground Railroad, Part 1363083.3321557.5
The Underground Railroad, Part 2464291.322409
The Underground Railroad, Part 3423480.9521848
B-TV: Envy311238.7119505
A Touch of Healing, Part 136277521497
A Touch of Healing, Part 2403382.521657.5
Where Is Thy Sting?413892.6822299
Hidden in My Heart352262.8620516
The Turning Point433581.421818
A Little Credit, Please361952.7820185.5
Small Fires, Little Pools372362.1620846
Angels Unaware413585.3721938
Gathering Thunder382976.3221127
Moving Targets332575.7621046.5
Hard Losses403587.522208.5
The Return352777.1421437
The Time Has Come4040100229110
Another Chance413790.2422559
The Last Resort40389522479.5
The Final Conflict4141100229210
Love Is in the Air, Part 1403177.521617.5
Love Is in the Air, Part 2403382.521627.5
Easy Money36616.6718183
Do, for a Change381026.3218874
Pokenberry Falls, R.F.D., Part 1381642.1119825
Pokenberry Falls, R.F.D., Part 2301446.6720055.5
Welcome Home, Mr. Blackgaard381744.7419375
The Pretty Good Samaritan441534.0919234.5
Letting Go412253.6619935.5
B-TV: Compassion412868.2921186.5
St. Paul: Voyage to Rome382155.2620255.5
St. Paul: An Appointment with Caesar402357.520405.5
With a Little Help from My Friends443068.1821126.5
Blessings in Disguise411536.5919414.5
The Time of Our Lives382155.2620335.5
What Are You Gonna Do with Your Life?401537.519655
Memories of Jerry383181.5821517.5
A Question About Tasha393794.8722729.5
Blind Justice403792.522579.5
The Search for Whit, Part 1412663.4121036.5
The Search for Whit, Part 2332781.8221627.5
The Search for Whit, Part 3332781.8221567.5
The Secret Weapon402152.520045.5
The Merchant of Odyssey422866.6720566
Three Funerals and a Wedding, Part 1281553.5720135.5
Three Funerals and a Wedding, Part 2382052.6320195.5
The Right Choice, Part 1342470.5920706
The Right Choice, Part 230217020946.5
Home, Sweet Home453271.1121607.5
Solitary Refinement382052.6320005.5
The Decision442863.6420776
The Other Woman372362.1620616
It's a Wrap!361644.4419625
For Whom The Wedding Bells Toll, Part 1444295.45228110
For Whom The Wedding Bells Toll, Part 2393179.4921757.5
For Whom The Wedding Bells Toll, Part 3414097.5622549.5
The Pushover421126.1918523.5
Chores No More422252.3819585
Just Say Yes461736.9619104.5
The Painting35216020335.5
Best Face Forward351131.4319174.5
The One About Trust, Part 1342058.8220666
The One About Trust, Part 2423173.8121467
Viva La Difference42921.4318433.5
B-TV: Thanks42819.0518273
Amazing Grace412253.6620195.5
It's a Pokenberry Christmas, Part 1453475.5621487
It's a Pokenberry Christmas, Part 2433786.0521958
New Years Eve Live!411331.7118964
Leap of Faith371951.3520065.5
O.T. Action News: Jephthah's Vow441840.9119394.5
No Bones About It371951.3520015.5
The Joke's on You29827.5918974
When In Doubt...Pray!40287021477
Wrapped Around Your Finger362877.7821497.5
Patrick: A Heart Afire, Part 1301136.6719354.5
Patrick: A Heart Afire, Part 2351131.4319034
Poor Loser412765.8520646
A Case of Revenge352057.1419865
Bernard and Job401742.519425
The Spy Who Bugged Me473370.2121066.5
More Like Alicia27622.2218593.5
Arizona Sunrise342161.7620566
Faster Than a Speeding Ticket392256.4120285.5
Hide and Seek322165.6321016.5
The Graduate422354.7620536
Malachi's Message, Part 1373389.1922138.5
Malachi's Message, Part 2382976.3221547.5
Malachi's Message, Part 3282589.2921728
Natural Born Leader391025.6418693.5
B-TV: Forgiveness421126.1918523.5
In All Things Give Thanks401332.519114.5
A Lesson From Mike322165.6320936.5
The Devil Made Me Do It40225519845
Buried Sin413380.4921978
The Tower412663.4121186.5
Not-So-Trivial Pursuits381744.7419775
Opening Day38195020135.5
Another Man's Shoes372362.1620766
Telemachus, Part 1331339.3919445
Telemachus, Part 2371745.9519775
Passages: Fletcher's Rebellion, Part 1391743.5919875
Passages: Fletcher's Rebellion, Part 2411331.7119304.5
Blackgaard's Revenge, Part 1381744.7419975.5
Blackgaard's Revenge, Part 2271244.4419835
The Buck Starts Here433888.3721988.5
Something Cliqued Between Us39820.5118393
The Eternal Birthday4436.8217381.5
Bethany's Imaginary Friend4124.8817321
The Y.A.K. Problem361336.1119024.5
Blind Girl's Bluff371437.8419164.5
Where There's Smoke43818.618663.5
The Virtual Kid4061517932.5
You Win Some, You Lose Some39923.0818934
The Treasure Room48510.4217311.5
Chain Reaction40717.518183
B-TV: Redeeming the Season331442.4219104.5
A Look Back, Part 135514.2918052.5
A Look Back, Part 240922.518123
Sunset Bowlawater3837.8917461.5
The Long Way Home331133.3319344.5
The Lyin' Tale3139.6817742
I Slap Floor393076.9221447
What Do You Think?4061517822
Idol Minds3013.3317892
Two Roads4436.8217331
Changing Rodney311754.8419975.5
The Bad Guy32515.6318393
Bethany's Flood4312.3317231
No Boundaries281967.8620606
A Matter of Manners3013.3317751.5
The Seven Deadly Dwarves4224.7617471.5
Potlucks and Poetry31929.0318994
Mandy's Debut371643.2420015.5
The Big Deal, Part 1331133.3319324.5
The Big Deal, Part 2411741.4619815
Life Trials of the Rich and Famous40184519174.5
Missionary: Impossible411843.919435
The Great Wishy Woz, Part 1291655.1720325.5
The Great Wishy Woz, Part 2391948.7220305.5
Best Laid Plans382668.4221377
Worst Day Ever421126.1918553.5
Opportunity Knocks362261.1120406
Red Herring423480.9521657.5
Slumber Party341029.4118704
Nova Rising342264.7120546
B-TV: Obedience271140.7419565
The W.E.433274.4221046.5
Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips402972.521477
The Triangle, Part 1312683.8721637.5
The Triangle, Part 240287021347
Snow Day441636.3618924
Broken Window453066.6721046.5
Chains, Part 1302066.6720776
Chains, Part 2412560.9820696
Break a Leg362363.8920526
Fifteen Minutes341029.4118844
Welcoming Wooton361952.7820185.5
Breaking Point382463.1620896.5
Shining Armor, Part 128217521036.5
Shining Armor, Part 2393282.0521527.5
Relatively Annoying381231.5819224.5
O.T. Action News: Battle at the Kishon402152.520155.5
Strange Boy in a Strange Land392769.2320896.5
Happy Smilers472246.8120155.5
The Popsicle Kid34617.6518283
Grand Opening, Part 1292379.3121447.5
Grand Opening, Part 2403587.521828
Plan B, Part 1: Missing in Action373594.5922209
Plan B, Part 2: Collision Course444193.1822359
Plan B, Part 3: Cross-fire40287021247
Plan B, Part 4 of 4: Resistance342573.5321006.5
Under the Influence, Part 1322165.6320916.5
Under the Influence, Part 2403382.521838
The Black Veil, Part 1403792.522249
The Black Veil, Part 2302893.3321958.5
Twisting Pathway392871.7920876.5
Sheep's Clothing342470.5920976.5
Box of Miracles434093.0222489
The Unraveling423890.4822279
Exceptional Circumstances463371.7421747.5
Expect the Worst322681.2521637.5
Exactly as Planned423276.1921377
Inside the Studio41717.0717992.5
Live at the 25!40102518603.5
Between You and Me37821.6218373
Aubrey's Bathrobe411639.0219565
The Toy Man40287021126.5
For Trying Out Loud261661.5420406
The Benefit of the Doubt452146.6719585
The American Revelation, Part 1351954.2920325.5
The American Revelation, Part 2312270.9721197
For the Fun of It312167.7420696
The Pact, Part 1372567.5721206.5
The Pact, Part 2331648.4820235.5
Do or Diet372259.4620225.5
Room Enough for Two412151.2219815
B-TV: Behind the Scenes331545.4519945.5
Bassett Hounds383181.5821367
It's All About Me301343.3319665
The Case of the Disappearing Hortons452146.6719485
The Defining Moment311135.4819384.5
The Mystery at Tin Flat362466.6720956.5
All Things to All People4082018193
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?, Part 1383284.2121788
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?, Part 2433069.7720946.5
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?, Part 3363186.1121938
Seeing Red471940.4319154.5
Black Clouds421126.1918974
The Taming of the Two331751.5219945.5
The Mailman Cometh351337.1419184.5
Silver Lining382668.4221216.5
Teacher's Pest411229.2718704
Pink Is Not My Color371540.5419685
Something Blue, Part 1381847.3719755
Something Blue, Part 2362569.4420376
Living in the Gray, Part 1393076.9221297
Living in the Gray, Part 240328021557.5
My Girl, Hallie412356.119765
Stubborn Streaks422661.920526
Called On in Class32165019835
The Girl in the Sink40205020245.5
Bernard and Saul41717.0718153
Nothing But the Half Truth383284.2121758
Split Ends342367.6520636
Something's Got to Change342161.7620426
No Way Out413687.822078.5
No Way In403382.521667.5
Sounds Like a Mystery422559.5220225.5
Think on These Things421023.8118463.5
Fairy Tal-e-vision38410.5317952.5
Stars in Our Eyes351131.4319054.5
Sunday Morning Scramble40287021176.5
Potential Possibilities401332.519064.5
Call Me if You Care361541.6719344.5
True Calling381847.3719735
And That's the Truth382257.8919905.5
A Lamb's Tale392358.9720746
A Glass Darkly432455.8120065.5
The Coolest Dog431227.9118323.5
The Present Long Ago321031.2519134.5
Lost by a Nose24937.519434.5
The Last "I Do"411843.919775
Tuesdays with Wooton35216020596
A Most Intriguing Question362466.6720736
A Most Surprising Answer342367.6521146.5
A Most Extraordinary Conclusion443272.7321227
Two Friends and a Truck241666.6720386
The Power of One34514.7117972.5
The Invisible Dog40246020426
For Better or For Worse, Part 140266520245.5
For Better or For Worse, Part 2331751.5220185.5
Odyssey Sings!432353.4920105.5
Back to Abnormal351131.4318814
Prisoners of Fear, Part 1332163.6420816
Prisoners of Fear, Part 2412560.9820656
Prisoners of Fear, Part 3362672.2221187
The Business of Busyness422252.3819995.5
All-Star Witness411024.3918133
Tales of a Small-Town Thug371129.7318804
A Christmas Conundrum361027.7818593.5
Silent Night453577.7821938
The Champ of the Camp401332.519014
Dead Ends311651.6120165.5
The Poor Rich Guy412253.6620345.5
A Cheater Cheated40246020726
Bringing Up Dads391230.7718764
Broken-Armed and Dangerous2583219214.5
The Impossible40205019715
Three O'Clock Call311858.0620295.5
Now More Than Ever45276020295.5
Around the Block391538.4619435
A Time for Action, Part 1342985.2921647.5
A Time for Action, Part 2322578.1321377
Cover of Darkness332163.6420676
Out of Our Hands321753.1320375.5
My Favorite Thing432455.8120185.5
Blood, Sweat, and Fears372362.1620486
The Nudge473370.2121617
Bernard and Jeremiah391230.7718964
Mum's the Word312167.7420786
The Family Next Door383181.5821908
Like Father, Like Wooton392051.2819865
The Chosen One, Part 1332472.7320966.5
The Chosen One, Part 2403177.521507.5
The Undeniable Truth423276.1921247
Run-of-the-Mill Miracle362363.8920906.5
Prequels of Love423788.122158.5
Hear Me, Hear Me26934.6219374.5
The Top Floor, Part 1382976.3221497.5
The Top Floor, Part 240389522369
The Top Floor, Part 3262180.7721407
Best of Enemies291137.9319485
Only By His Grace242083.3321277
The Other Side of the Glass, Part 1382360.5320686
The Other Side of the Glass, Part 2272385.1921497.5
The Other Side of the Glass, Part 340287021106.5
A New Era, Part 1282278.5721407
A New Era, Part 2403382.521998
A New Era, Part 3322784.3821848
B-TV: Temptation351645.7119495
Buddy Guard441738.6419174.5
Wooing Wooton362672.2221116.5
Something Significant402972.521397
Life, in the Third Person, Part 1392564.120836
Life, in the Third Person, Part 2343191.1821858
The Highest Stakes, Part 1382668.4220976.5
The Highest Stakes, Part 2383078.9521287
Chip Off the Shoulder321753.1319655
A Capsule Comes to Town362877.7821577.5
Suspicious Finds401127.518724
License to Deprive292586.2121557.5
Accidental Dilemma, Part 1361644.4419975.5
Accidental Dilemma, Part 2301756.6720145.5
A Class Reenactment342058.8220496
The Forgotten Deed322990.6321998.5
The Triangled Web, Part 1351337.1419374.5
The Triangled Web, Part 2281657.1420405.5
Rights, Wrongs, and Winners272074.0720866.5
The Imagination Station, Revisited, Part 1231982.6121287
The Imagination Station, Revisited, Part 2312374.1921297
Here Am I29724.1418864
The Truth Be Told30413.3318563.5
The Science Club261142.3119825
Three in One2872518944
In My Image24125020125.5
Kidsboro, Part 140246020836
Kidsboro, Part 2482858.3320606
Kidsboro, Part 3452351.1120265.5
Stepping Stones, Part 135925.7119044
Stepping Stones, Part 23013.3317912
The Final Call27622.2218854
B-TV: Live!271762.9620676
Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 12572819034
Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 2291551.7220285.5
Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 3271037.0419505
Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 422627.2719054
Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 524125020025.5
Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 6271866.6720556
Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 7321340.6319525
Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 8311445.1619605
Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 9331957.5820275.5
Welcome to Whit's End3937.6917641.5
The Inspiration Station, Part 132618.7518633.5
The Inspiration Station, Part 228621.4318773.5
Game for a Mystery21419.0518813.5
Target of the Week27933.3319384.5
For the Birds27622.2218713.5
When You're Right, You're Right27311.1118433
Grandma's Visit331545.4519445
Finish What You...3339.0917772
The Jubilee Singers, Part 1301756.6720165.5
The Jubilee Singers, Part 2282278.5721307
The Jubilee Singers, Part 3311858.0620345.5
The Mystery of the Clock Tower, Part 123834.7819324.5
The Mystery of the Clock Tower, Part 227622.2218763.5
Wooton's Broken Pencil Show38923.6818413.5
Stage Fright3126.4517772
Fast As I Can32412.518232.5
Opposite Day361027.7818543.5
The Owlnapping411434.1519645
Square One291034.4819264.5
A Thankstaking Story41819.5118373
An Agreeable Nanny33824.2418693.5
The Malted Milkball Falcon21733.3319475
Grandma's Christmas Visit29310.3418092.5
The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 120136520496
The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 2382052.6320205.5
The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 3322268.7520806.5
The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 4321856.2520125.5
The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 5261453.8520105.5
The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 6362261.1120806
The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 7342264.7120606
The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 8301653.3320185.5
The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 9261765.3820706
The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 102583219384.5
The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 11352571.4321016.5
The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 1220178521227
Wooton Knows Best35411.4318112.5
A Penny Saved28932.1419124.5
The Amazing Loser311961.2920426
Anger Mismanagement38410.5317942.5
Forgiving More...or Less26519.2318563.5
You're Two Kind31619.3518483.5
A Penny Earned29724.1418964
Never for Nothing302273.3321197
Emily, the Genius30413.3318132.5
How to Sink a Sub311445.1619725
Unbecoming Jay372875.6821697.5
Childish Things341544.1219795
The Labyrinth, Part 1262284.6221507.5
The Labyrinth, Part 2221568.1820606
The Labyrinth, Part 3372772.9721317
To Mend or Repair343191.1822239
Mistaken for Good282382.1421547.5
Sergeant York, Part 1342367.6520856.5
Sergeant York, Part 2271762.9620486
Sergeant York, Part 330248021487.5
Sergeant York, Part 42094519975.5
Child's Play271451.8520035.5
Something Old, Something New, Part 1302066.6720626
Something Old, Something New, Part 2352468.5721026.5
Push the Red Button (Live)351954.2920876
The Perfect Church, Part 1291448.2820055.5
The Perfect Church, Part 222731.8219384.5
Great Expectations27829.6319244.5
For Three Dollars More311548.3920155.5
The Bible Network281967.8620886.5
Happy Hunting37718.9218543.5
The Holy Hoopster29724.1419054
The Lost Riddle341647.0619685
Groundhog Jay332987.8821948
Home Again, Part 1361336.1119024.5
Home Again, Part 226830.7718964
Push the Red Button341235.2919364.5
Your Servant is Listening, Part 1291344.8319955.5
Your Servant is Listening, Part 225156020235.5
No Chemistry Whatsoever311341.9419555
The Friend Formula301963.3320586
More Than a Feeling341132.3519204.5
Repent After Me231773.9121106.5
Big Trouble Under the Big Top28621.4318753.5
Life Expectancy, Part 1373286.4921888
Life Expectancy, Part 2322371.8821207
Life Expectancy, Part 325166420496
The Pilot, Part 140246020556
The Pilot, Part 2331751.5220285.5
The Launch, Part 1361336.1119284.5
The Launch, Part 2392153.8520025.5
In a Kingdom Far Away341338.2419665
Drake the Cosmic Copper321443.7519805
Mission: Unaccomplished, Part 1451737.7819615
Mission: Unaccomplished, Part 2271037.0419334.5
Like a Good Neighbor31516.1318152.5
The Lone Lawman4224.7617281
Thirty Jays Hath September312167.7420976.5
The Perfect Gift34720.5918223
The Drop Box362158.3320245.5
All By Myself3572018473.5
The Ties That Bind, Part 132928.1319134.5
The Ties That Bind, Part 234720.5918984
The Ties That Bind, Part 333824.2418703.5
The Ties That Bind, Part 4361438.8919304.5
The Ties That Bind, Part 523626.0919024
The Ties That Bind, Part 6271451.8520105.5
The Ties That Bind, Part 737718.9218373
The Ties That Bind, Part 8271555.5620025.5
The Ties That Bind, Part 928621.4318763.5
The Ties That Bind, Part 10411126.8318633.5
The Ties That Bind, Part 11291758.6220405.5
The Ties That Bind, Part 1221523.8119114
The Ties That Bind, Part 13291344.8320195.5
The Ties That Bind, Part 14403177.521597.5
Follow Me28414.2918633.5
The Cure, Part 125135220095.5
The Cure, Part 2311961.2920566
The Cure, Part 3281035.7119404.5
B-TV: To Tell the Truth241041.6719605
To the Ends of the Earth321340.6319555
Pinocchio: The Tale of a Foolish Puppet, Part 133927.2718694
Pinocchio: The Tale of a Foolish Puppet, Part 228517.8618523.5
Hidden Gems331236.3619364.5
Walter's Flying Bus38513.1618243
Take It on Trust281139.2919194.5
A Daughter's Love31929.0319094.5
First Things First25145620135.5
Playing the Predictable281553.5720456
A Big Commitment402152.520546
Dinner Roll Models312167.7421006.5
Out of the Woods292068.9721327
Let's Get Together362158.3320856
Words from the Wise331442.4219435
Cycle of Fear471021.2818553.5
No Cause for Concern311341.9419605
The Case of the Ball Cap Hero331030.319024
Between the Lines, Part 1261869.2320746
Between the Lines, Part 233927.2718884
The Journal of John Avery Whittaker23730.4319194.5
Walk This Way4012.517391
When One Door Closes, Part 1321753.1320435.5
When One Door Closes, Part 2311548.3919955.5
The Good Soil411741.4619745
Things Not Seen291551.7220145.5
The Boat People, Part 1291862.0720516
The Boat People, Part 2362569.4421146.5
A Predicament of Biblical Proportions29724.1418894
A Forgiving Heart32618.7518583.5
Where Your Treasure Is4112.4417191
Un-Tech the Halls31722.5818854
The Feud of Mason County341029.4118844
Parker for President30155020035.5
Old Tricks371540.5420135.5
The Key Suspect411229.2718593.5
A Very Bassett Wedding, Part 1261142.3119374.5
A Very Bassett Wedding, Part 2311548.3919795
Connie the Counselor362055.5620776
No Friend Like an Old Friend36185020345.5
Fathers and Sons22627.2718914
The Grass is Always Greener24520.8318834
Legacy, Part 1431739.5319515
Legacy, Part 2401127.519084
One More Name, Part 1402357.520596
One More Name, Part 2302273.3320986.5
One More Name, Part 335216020826
A Perfect Testimony4041017802
Unfair Game381436.8419234.5
Swept Away, Part 1431637.2119545
Swept Away, Part 229620.6918814
The Legend of Sperry McGerk3692518814
Angels in Horsehair371232.4319164.5
There and Back Again, Part 141614.6317972.5
There and Back Again, Part 2a30516.6718483
There and Back Again, Part 2b39615.3818403
There and Back Again, Part 328828.5719134.5
Find a Penny, Part 1411024.3918493.5
Find a Penny, Part 228932.1419204.5
Friend or Foe482858.3320325.5
Have a Heart461532.6119114.5
B-TV: Revenge30186020456
Crash Course372259.4620586
Your Honest Opinion, Please431841.8619304.5
Rewinding the Big Picture291862.0720646
The Secret of the Writer's Ruse2827.1418162.5
Sir Buddy's Snow Day27933.3319174.5
David and Absalom, Part 1261453.8520105.5
David and Absalom, Part 2262076.9221187
Out of the Picture25124819845
Met His Match301446.6719405
Failing to the Finish Line24125019605
Drake and the Time That Time Forgot271762.9620185.5
Mean Streak271451.8519945.5
Always Do Your Best-ish221881.8221097
The Shame About Fame271140.7419455
30th Birthday Live Show302273.3320706
Walk Worthy21838.119575
The Sandwich Initiative23626.0919074
The Toy231773.9121116.5
The Good in People231252.1719915.5
Not What I Expected21733.3319304.5
Divided We Fall281242.8619815
Beyond Repair845020005.5

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