Missions of the Reliant – Assault on the Alliance

Here’s a 45 minute (approximately) video of me playing the first mission of the classic Mac game “Missions of the Reliant”. There’s a *lot* of downtime, due to ship repairs, etc., so keep that in mind when you watch. Maybe later I’ll make a more viewer-friendly version with all of the long bits where nothing much is happening chopped out; if I do, that one will probably go up on YouTube.

Assault on the Alliance

Author: James Gryphon

My passion is and has always been for doing things that interest me that nobody expects me to do. Without any expectations in the mix to sully my affairs, I have a particular interest in writing, computing (vintage Macintoshes in particular), and in all types of play, whether video gaming, tabletop board or card gaming, or sports. I hope to be able to use these interests as the foundation of a lucrative and beneficial career.

4 thoughts on “Missions of the Reliant – Assault on the Alliance”

  1. As the author of the game, I’d love to see that video. It’s a big download, so you should definitely throw it up on YouTube.

    And thanks for calling it “classic”!

  2. Love this game and still play it today. Trying to find documentation that describes each of the ship modifications and cargo items and what they do exactly, as well as what weapon/shield types they work well against or are vulnerable to. There’s no down-time in the game to play around with them as you’re immediately on defense (at least for the first 2 missions) with time as a pressing factor.

  3. This game to this day has a style of gameplay that I love and haven’t seen implemented anywhere else. Escape Velocity has a similar style of starship combat, navigation, and planetary interface, but doesn’t have the detailed tactical of controlling individual ship crew members or managing specific ship functions in the heat of battle. NetTrek has some similarity, but is not nearly as fun, and still doesn’t have the individual crew members and ability to swap out ship components and crew.

  4. Alright, I got frustrated that Googling turned up nothing, so I decided to take the time in Mission 3 to just tool around to all the bases until I got each ship component and read its description in the Computer Library. Below is my best guess from those descriptions on what the classifications are of the weapons and shields, and their effectiveness against each other. I haven’t been able to really play-test it.

    Warning, possible spoilers.

    A: Conventional
    – Your stock shields and weapons, and what the Beginner-level opponents all use (I think).

    B: High Energy
    – Dynatron Laser Adaptation (good against A, not good against B)
    – Gravitic Globe Shields (good against A and B)

    C: Particle Energy
    – Particle Decay Laser (good against everything except C)
    – Particle Decay Shields (good against C and some D, but maybe not any better than A against A and B?)

    D: Alternative Energy
    – X-ray Laser Mechanism (good against A and B, maybe C, not D)
    – Magnetic Crystal Shields (good against B and D only?)
    – Plasma Defense Shield (good against A and D only?)

    E: Unknown
    – maybe Expert-level opponents or future development?

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