Missions of the Reliant – The Enemy Within

As of yet I haven’t made the edited version of “Assault on the Alliance”, but the other day, I did make a video showing the second episode of “Missions of the Reliant”, on YouTube, with the kinds of edits I hoped to make, like speed boosts at appropriate points to streamline the action.

At some point in time, I hope to make the first mission (linked to in a previous post on this site) more readily available in similar fashion, maybe take a clip of this mission with the difficulty at maximum (as opposed to medium), and post up the third mission, which is very different and would make a dramatic conclusion to this series.

Thanks to the creator Michael Rubin for his interest in these videos and support; his kind comments are a major encouragement, both for a newbie in the field of posting up public videos (much less ones in a content category that is perhaps underexposed to the world at large), and for a Classic Mac aficionado who grew up as a big fan of both the computer platform and these kinds of games.

Author: James Gryphon

My passion is and has always been for doing things that interest me that nobody expects me to do. Without any expectations in the mix to sully my affairs, I have a particular interest in writing, computing (vintage Macintoshes in particular), and in all types of play, whether video gaming, tabletop board or card gaming, or sports. I hope to be able to use these interests as the foundation of a lucrative and beneficial career.

2 thoughts on “Missions of the Reliant – The Enemy Within”

  1. Hey, I missed this one! Very nice to see it up on YouTube. Thanks for doing that, love to see this thing in action again after so many years!

    1. Ha, on second thought I apparently must have seen it briefly back then on YouTube and completely forgot about it. Hope you can eventually get the third mission done and posted, that would be very cool. Cheers!

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