Missions of the Reliant – The Enemy Within

As of yet I haven’t made the edited version of “Assault on the Alliance”, but the other day, I did make a video showing the second episode of “Missions of the Reliant”, on YouTube, with the kinds of edits I hoped to make, like speed boosts at appropriate points to streamline the action.

At some point in time, I hope to make the first mission (linked to in a previous post on this site) more readily available in similar fashion, maybe take a clip of this mission with the difficulty at maximum (as opposed to medium), and post up the third mission, which is very different and would make a dramatic conclusion to this series.

Thanks to the creator Michael Rubin for his interest in these videos and support; his kind comments are a major encouragement, both for a newbie in the field of posting up public videos (much less ones in a content category that is perhaps underexposed to the world at large), and for a Classic Mac aficionado who grew up as a big fan of both the computer platform and these kinds of games.

New Youtube Videos: Zroids

New set of videos on my YouTube channel showing off an obscure old Mac game, Zroids.

I suppose what stands out to me about Zroids looking at it 16 years after I first played it is how it had such a wonderful concept, and yet so lacked what it needed to actually make it great.

To my knowledge no new maps were ever published beyond the ones included in the first (and only) release of the game, and while there was a fair amount of variety in its gameplay (albeit not as much as in its sister Steel Fighters, which is still available from ColdSteel Software), there was very little balance. There’s one weapon really worth using (it isn’t hard to tell from a glance at the videos which one it is), a few that are moderately effective, and a bunch that are useless unless the weapons are restricted enough that they don’t have anything decent to compete with. One of the game’s neatest features, the terrain destruction, is one of the less accessible and useful aspects of the game; you have to go out of your way to make cubbyholes that are effective, and it’s hard to think of circumstances where your time wouldn’t have been better spent hunting down other players. The AI is pretty mediocre (destructible terrain didn’t help it any, at that), and unfortunately the split-screen aspect of the game was not something the Macintosh has ever been very conducive to.

So, there’s a few good reasons why this is a forgotten Mac game. But if you’re able to set the critical mindset aside, get over the loss of potential that was there, and allow yourself to make what you can of it, there was still a good amount of fun to be had here.

Missions of the Reliant – Assault on the Alliance

Here’s a 45 minute (approximately) video of me playing the first mission of the classic Mac game “Missions of the Reliant”. There’s a *lot* of downtime, due to ship repairs, etc., so keep that in mind when you watch. Maybe later I’ll make a more viewer-friendly version with all of the long bits where nothing much is happening chopped out; if I do, that one will probably go up on YouTube.

Assault on the Alliance

New Youtube Video: “Greebles” Mac game

Uploaded a Youtube video of me playing a round of the classic Mac game by Peter N. Lewis, “Greebles”. It was a little tricky to get the recorder set up without it interfering with the gameplay; I did a take before this one, but it was so choppy I decided to try again with a lower resolution.

I’m pretty well on my game most of this time, but start burning out near the end. Dying so many times in level 10 was pretty pitiful play on my part (I got greedy and careless). The AI is hopeless when it comes to strategy or long-term planning, but on reflexes and tactical encounters it’ll beat you every time.