Missions of the Reliant – The Enemy Within

As of yet I haven’t made the edited version of “Assault on the Alliance”, but the other day, I did make a video showing the second episode of “Missions of the Reliant”, on YouTube, with the kinds of edits I hoped to make, like speed boosts at appropriate points to streamline the action.

At some point in time, I hope to make the first mission (linked to in a previous post on this site) more readily available in similar fashion, maybe take a clip of this mission with the difficulty at maximum (as opposed to medium), and post up the third mission, which is very different and would make a dramatic conclusion to this series.

Thanks to the creator Michael Rubin for his interest in these videos and support; his kind comments are a major encouragement, both for a newbie in the field of posting up public videos (much less ones in a content category that is perhaps underexposed to the world at large), and for a Classic Mac aficionado who grew up as a big fan of both the computer platform and these kinds of games.